North Florida Broadband Authority


This is an unofficial site about the North Florida Broadband Authority.

NFBA was established with $30 million tax payer dollars to build and operate a regional ISP to operate as a quasi-public utility in North Florida. The grant was provided for as a result of the Bush recession of 2008-09.

It was built, It did function at a minimal level providing services to some public schools and a hand full of residents.

Some of the assets appear to be live and in operation and managed by a small computer company in Chiefland Florida ( ). Initial conversations confirm parts of the system remain in operation but it appears no new customers ( at least in Putnam County ) are being accepted.

I have reached out to the last known director of NFBA, Dr. Charles McClure at the Univeristy of Florida for more information. Results will be posted here.

It seems to have just vanished?

Where is it? Why is a public owned ISP suddenly marginally functional and hidden from sight. What did $30 million in taxpayer funds buy and who is getting the benefit?

Of concern to this citizen is the fate of internet in the face of attack against Net Neutrality by our own FCC. It his network is intended to provide internet to residents and business of North Florida, and if it is a public owned network it should be operating such that neutrality is the rule, not the exception.

Additional Information:

NFBA Coverage map

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